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Type of school: Academy Alternative Provision Sponsor Led, Dobrovskeho 2366, London
Headmaster: Pavel Just,

Type of school: Community Special, 135 Farmers Road, Camberwell
Headmaster: Ms E Ollieuz,

Type of school: Higher Education Institutions, Waldegrave Road, Strawberry Hill, Twickenham
Headmaster: Dr Arthur Naylor,

Type of school: Voluntary Aided, St James's Passage, Duke's Place, London
Headmaster: Mr G Loughran,

Type of school: Independent, St Giles' Terrace, Barbican, London
Headmaster: Mrs Ena Harrop,

Type of school: Independent, 2 New Change, London
Headmaster: Mr Neil Chippington,

Type of school: Independent, Queen Victoria Street, London
Headmaster: Mr D R Levin,

Type of school: LA Nursery School, 49 Mecklenburgh Square, London
Headmaster: Mr B Duffy,

Type of school: Pupil Referral Unit, Harmood Street, London
Headmaster: Ms Elizabeth Rattue,

Type of school: Community, Tonbridge Street, London
Headmaster: Ms Laura Wynne,

Type of school: Community, Dornfell Street, West Hampstead, London
Headmaster: Ms S Smith,

Type of school: Community, Cliff Villas, London
Headmaster: Ms Susan Ladipo,

Type of school: Community, Chester Road, London
Headmaster: Mr Mark Stubbings,

Type of school: Community, Grafton Road, London
Headmaster: Ms Jacqueline Phelan,

Type of school: Community, 174 Ossulston Street, London
Headmaster: Mr S O'regan,

Type of school: Community, Fleet Road, London
Headmaster: Mr Blair Thompson,

Type of school: Community, Buck Street, London
Headmaster: Ms A Fontaine,

Type of school: Community, 30 William Road, London
Headmaster: Ms Bavaani Nanthabalan,

Type of school: Community, Streatley Place, Hampstead, London
Headmaster: Ms Karyn Ray,

Type of school: Community, Princess Road, London
Headmaster: Mr Paul Campbell,

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Jordanhill School, 45 Chamberlain Road, Jordanhill, Glasgow
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Discussion and review of this school
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Discussion and review of this school