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Subject of discussionNumber of topics/postsDate and initiator
bubleEntrance exams, prep courses
How and where to study for entrance exam? Where to find study materials? In this discussion forum, you will find answers and may help each other.
026.1.2012 15:54
bubleHow to choose the right school
You don’t know which school to choose? We will help you with the right choice.
026.1.2012 16:05
bubleStudy information
Would you like to know more about the study plans or entrance exams at your chosen school? Try the discussion category…
031.1.2012 11:01
Are you looking for accommodation at your school? Boarding house, school dormitories or private accommodation? This category is the place to help you and give you more information about school accommodation.
031.1.2012 11:03
bublePart-time and full-time jobs
Are you looking for an extra income during your studies? Do you need to hire someone? The category ‘Part-time and full-time jobs’ will help you…
031.1.2012 11:48
Do you need to buy or sell something a second hand? Use the bazaar discussion on these topics.
031.1.2012 11:49
In case you can’t choose a category, try your luck in this category.
031.1.2012 11:50
bubleState school leaving examination
All information about the state school leaving exams.
03.2.2012 14:00

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